EntityChange - Library to compare two entity object graphs


Library to compare two entity object graphs detecting changes



The EntityChange library is available on nuget.org via package name EntityChange.

To install EntityChange, run the following command in the Package Manager Console

PM> Install-Package EntityChange

NuGet Version


Configure the Contact properties and collections.

EntityChange.Configuration.Default.Configure(config => config
    .Entity<Contact>(e =>
        // set the FirstName display name
        e.Property(p => p.FirstName).Display("First Name");
        // compare the Roles collection by string equality
        e.Collection(p => p.Roles)
        // set how to format the EmailAddress entity as a string
        e.Collection(p => p.EmailAddresses).ElementFormatter(v =>
            var address = v as EmailAddress;
            return address?.Address;
    .Entity<EmailAddress>(e =>
        e.Property(p => p.Address).Display("Email Address");


Compare to Contact entities

// create comparer using default configuration
var comparer = new EntityComparer();

// compare original and current instances generating change list 
var changes = comparer.Compare(original, current).ToList();

Change Report

Sample output from the MarkdownFormatter


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