How to create a custom dictionary

The following are some simple steps to create a custom dictionary.

Step 1

Create a text file with all the words you would like to use in the dictionary. The text file should have one word per line like so …


Step 2

Run the Dictionary Build tool. Create a new dictionary.

Step 3

Load the text file into the new dictionary by using the Dictionary > Add OpenOffice Word List.

Step 4

Open the en-US.dic dictionary in the dictionary build tool. Copy everything in the Near Miss Data tab for the en-US.dic to the new dictionary’s Near Miss Data tab. Also, copy the data from the Phonetic Rules tab to the new dictionary.

Step 5

Generate the phonetic code cache for the new dictionary by use the Dictionary > Generate Phonetic Cache.

You should now be able to use the new dictioanry in NetSpell to check words and generate suggestions from the new word list.

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